What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Jan 16, 2011

As soon as I turn on this EP, I can't help but move my body. Wild Nothing's Golden Haze has a hypnotic gift of combining just enough tempo, guitar plucking, and twangy synth to create a beautiful nostalgic 80s vibe and melodically lo-fi modern twist courtship. The balance that Wild Nothing has found between these two categories naturally translates into this love child of an EP.

Have you ever experienced being inside of a life-sized bubble? Just for those few entertaining moments, you feel so delicate, so alive and brand new. Well, that's what Golden Haze is: a new translation of decades-old mainstream dream-pop revived to once again breathe life into our restless, ADD-laden generation strapped with delicate, gripping, and relatable lyrics.

This is an EP for all seasons -- whether you're bundled up and snowed in by the fire or laying in a park enjoying a picnic in the spring, Wild Nothing can pleasingly swarm your ear canals and transcend any current weather condition to guarantee your insides remain all warm and fuzzy for the duration of their stay in your head.
Christiana Bartolini
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