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What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Jul 05, 2012 | Total plays: 4,286

It's an exciting year for Wildlife Control. They've risen so far and so fast that they have industry heads suffering from whip-lash. So effective and clever has their marketing been that the industry is taking tips from them. I wouldn't be surprised if one topic at next year's SXSW panel discussion was "Wildlife Control discusses Wildlife Control: How to effectively master the new industry model." Ok, maybe I need to work on that title, but you get the idea. Bottom line? If you'd like to know how to get a job done right, just tune into Wildlife Control and watch them work. It's amazing.

Recalling my first review of "Analog Digital", it may have seemed a tad extravagant of me to be grouping them among classics after only hearing one track. That, and them being such a new band, I ran the risk of foot-in-mouth syndrome, but then came the Spin EP and it was obvious: Neil and Sumul were the real deal.

When a band like this pops up, and a track like "Analog or Digital" is their introduction to the world, there's a feeling that whatever creative space they incubate must be a magical one. Their quality, their craft, and the way they aren't afraid to dig deep or diversify is one thing -- but when you pair that with how genuine they are as people, one can't help but do back flips for them.

Thus, I present a sneak peak of their debut LP, Wildlife Control, out on July 31. This track, "Darkness," is a neo-classical shard to the heart. It begins like an indie pop anthem, morphs into a ghostly ballad, and fades into a tender piano solo; emotive enough to give you goosebumps, even on a hot day. If this intrigues you, the other tracks will leave you deeply satisfied.

For the full release, direct you attention here.
Rachel Skotarczyk
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