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Wildlife Control - Spin

Mar 27, 2012

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Sounds like: Pheonix, The Ramones
Why do we like this?
Eclectic is the perfect word for Neil and Sumul of Wildlife Control. I feel like every time I hear a Wildlife Control track, I am reminded of a new era, a new genre, or a whisper of another influence. But then it gets to be too much -- it reminds me of too much, which is a good thing. Like I said when I reviewed "Analog or Digital," these boys ooze classics and that's all I hear: a hodge podge of so much musical history, but blended in such a way that it sounds untouched, untainted, honest, and new.

So, I'm listening to their new EP, Spin, on repeat, and I'm staring at their art work (which features a bicycle wheel) and it ALL COME FULL CIRCLE. Le heart is the cog, influences are the spokes, and what we put out in the world, what hits the pavement, is the wheel, like the wheel of samsara and "you gotta keep spinnin', oh you keep spinnin'" (while "Spin" plays in my earphones and my mind is blowing ever so slightly).

This is how I know these guys are good. It's not every day that you run into an act that has a full set of seemingly serendipitous elements, or maybe they're that detail oriented and they've done it all on purpose. Either way, it's obvious they have something special, and they seem to have something to say. To be honest, I don't think they've said it yet, but maybe that's the key. Maybe they will never say it, maybe that's the great thing about great artists -- they are always on the search to find out What is the What and they bring it to us via great music, and keen intellect/insight.

So I won't lay out my favorites on the EP, because that's unfair to the whole body of work. But I do suggest you give it a couple hundred listens, just keep spinning it. It grows on you, and it's a positively strong piece of work.
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