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Work Drugs - Tigerbeats

Oct 16, 2012

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Work Drugs first appeared on Indie Shuffle back in June with the chill, dreamy "Boogie Lights". Their next single, "Pluto," gave us a better idea of the dream pop to expect from Thomas Crystal and Benjamin Louisiana on their latest album, Absolute Bearing.

"Tigerbeats" contains smooth vocals, with some bouncing guitar work and popping keyboard play. Work Drugs wrote this song after a crazy show in Philadelphia at the Barbary last July. "Tigerbeats" lives as a  "tribute to that night, as well as the timeless teen idols that epitomize that party; shall they all remain forever young."

"Tigerbeats" is available as free download. Enjoy that while Work Drugs preps their new album, Delta, which is set to be released in November.
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