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Yale - The One That Got Away

Nov 20, 2012

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Brisbane-based duo Yale (Mark Maxwell and Stefan Emslie) makes effortlessly smooth disco pop. Operating under the mantra that their music "seeks to explore the euphoric feeling of being young," their debut, self-titled EP does exactly that.

They use a simple, but thoroughly effective formula in their music. Smooth beats and layered synth set the foundation for the group's innocent vocals. Debut single "Getaway" first gained them attention, but their new track "The One That Got Away" is stronger. An upbeat and radiant pop anthem, it's the standout of the four tracks which can all be found on the duo's Bandcamp.

Aside from making their own tunes, they've also turned their talents to remixing tracks from the likes of PNAU and YesYou (also found on Bandcamp).

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