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Years & Years - I Wish I Knew

Nov 03, 2012

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Why do we like this?
The dangerous combination of humming bass, fluttering synth and crisp vocals always gets me. I cave every time.

Years and Years, a five piece hailing from London, England, have mastered this notion. Noel, Michael, Emre, Olly and Olivier fuse electronica with acoustic organics. "I Wish I Knew" aches tenderness over a dancey soundscape.

Their first (and only) EP titled I Wish I Knew showcases the song that is now invading your earlobes, but also four others; three of which are remixes of "I Wish I Knew." Having been released just under a month ago, it is safe to say Years and Years are industry freshman, but notable ones.

The best part you may ask? They are unsigned!
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