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Young the Giant - My Body

Oct 05, 2010

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Why do we like this?
Young the Giant have come a long way since I last saw them playing high school shows. Through September, they toured with Marina and the Diamonds, and now they'll be supporting The Futureheads on their Fall tour. I had a chance to sneak a listen to their new album, which was produced by Joe Chiccarelli (of The White Stripes, The Shins and My Morning Jacket fame), and was genuinely impressed by the quality and variation of the material within. The full album comes out October 26th, and is available for pre-order by clicking the album art to the right.

Rather than leak any of those tracks, we're going to share two of their singles, "I Got" and "My Body". In these songs you'll catch a glimpse of the charismatic style of the band. What you won't get to see is lead-singer Sameer Gadhia's on-stage antics. That's okay though, because you should be able to imagine it. Just try picture a guy jumping up and down on a tambourine.

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