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Youth Lagoon - Mute

Feb 11, 2013

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Sounds like: Wild Nothing, The Antlers
Why do we like this?
Today's hot track on the blogosphere (so far) is Youth Lagoon's new single "Mute." Here's my spoiler: it's kinda meh. And yet every single blogger is snatching it up because YOUTH LAGOON!

Don't get me wrong. "Mute" isn't a terrible song (I wouldn't be sharing if it was). But overall, it just falls a bit flat on my expectations -- the melody is slightly boring, the song drags along, and in general Trevor Powers just sounds whiny. I guess I just preferred "Dropla" a whole lot more.

Anywho, Wondrous Bughouse will be available March 5 via Fat Possum. You can order that ish on casette here.
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