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Yppah - Bushmills

Mar 30, 2014

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Why do we like this?

How do you pronounce “Yppah”? I’m not quite sure, but can only assume it goes something along the liners of “yapper.”

Today we’re stoked to bring you a premiere of the Ninja Tune artist’s new single “Bushmills,” presumably named for the Irish whiskey. The song caught my attention for it’s Caribou-esque sound, and in doing so hit all the right notes.

If you’re digging what you hear, you can grab a free download via Bandcamp, or catch him on Tour along the Northwest coast of North America.

  • 4/3 Vancouver, BC @ Venue Nightclub

  • 4/4 Seattle, WA @ Nectar Lounge

  • 4/5 Portland, OR @ Rotture

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