What's so good?
By Bryant Kitching | Dec 12, 2011

Intricate harmonies, pastoral lyrics about fire and water, beards -- no, I'm not talking about Fleet Foxes, but rather Yukon Blonde, who hail from just over the Washington boarder in Canada. Their brand of jangly folk pop won't exactly set the world on fire (pun intended) in terms of its originality, but that doesn't mean listening to them can't still be a damn good time. "Fire" is off their latest EP, Fire // Water, which we reviewed a couple months ago.

The track perfectly showcases everything that makes Yukon Blonde such a pleasure. It's catchy, boarders on danceable, and comes complete with a "whoo whoo ahh ahh" chorus. "Fire" combines the instant pop likeability of The Shins or Nada Surf with the subtle country undertones of groups like Blitzen Trapper and Wilco. The killer harmonica solo that closes the song hits you like a ray of sun bursting through the clouds.

Fans of "Fire" should make listening to Yukon Blonde's self-titled debut a top priority. Meanwhile, Fire // Water is out now on Nevado Records.
Bryant Kitching