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Yuna - Rescue

Oct 07, 2013

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Yunalis Mat Zara'ai, aka Yuna, is a Malaysian singer/songwriter who evokes upbeat and high-spirited emotions with her latest single "Rescue." Yuna reenforces a women's ingrained ability to be self-sufficient, and wraps the inspirational memo with soft daisy vocals, sounds of "local music from out there," delivering a potent track.

Yuna's voice on "Rescue" and other tracks in her catalogue have been painting polarizing scenes of celebration and heartbreak since 2008. This year, she is following-up her U.S. debut album "Terukir Di Bintang" with a percussion-heavy compendium titled, Nocturnal, to be released on October 29.

I think the album is an introspective privilege that your ears will be grateful to hear. Mark your calendars and do not deprive your ears!
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