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Zeroh - Tricking In Florence

Jun 17, 2013

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Sounds like: Jon Wayne, Ras_G, Knxwledge
Why do we like this?

For someone like me who has been rapping himself to death for at least the better (or worse) part of the past decade, Zeroh is a breath of fresh, psilocybin-infused air. Raised in the fertile earth of Southern California, the wordsmith is very much in tune with the astral. He goes from ferocious and visceral to serene and cerebral, melodic and performative. He has a sublime command of his abilities. Comforting and intimate one second and demon-like the next, Zeroh the Blaqbird makes rhymers twice his age seem childish.

For all his talent, in an age of over-sharing and over-exposure, Zeroh's output has been modest. However, his projects are so layered and dense that they can withstand the long intervals. His latest effort, the recently released Bread, should satiate any head dissatisfied with the conventional. Over soundscapes from Devonwho, Ohbliv, Jeremiah Jae, Mndsgn and more, Zeroh gets busy.

The track I chose to represent the project is its last, "Tricking In Florence." Tapping into the genius of one of the most slept-on cats in Los Angeles' electronic beat scene, Zeroh goes over Co.Fee's energizing production for a very apt closing track. This may be the closest thing that Zeroh can get to trap track and it's still bugged the fuck out. Do your third eye a favor and peek into Zeroh's world.

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