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Ahnnu - Shame
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Aug 29, 2013
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Sounds like: Knxwledge, Mndsgn, Madlib
Why do we like this?
Ahnnu is quietly stretching the perimeters of beat music in weird and interesting directions. I first met the Virginia native and professional hair grower Leland Jackson when he was living with Knxlwedge in the wilderness of North Hollywood. His music immediately hit me viscerally. It was laid back but not lazy, ambient with drive, and always left me feeling strange, though not dejected. Plus he's a pretty cool guy.

As a benchmark for his time in L.A. so far, Ahnnu is readying two projects for the coming months, Battered Sphinx and World Music, with the former arriving soon. Through Leaving Records, the portal for World Music, Ahnnu describes the project as:

"... a series of themes which represent various styles and likenesses I've adopted in my growth as a sound artist living in the digital age. In respect to my environment, I wanted to create a body of sound-work that is transient in nature. Each track was arranged as separate entities and are holistic in the sense that they are intended to inspire an experience of indifference within a space of perpetual sonic motion. World Music describes the continuous sensory shift of both meditative neglect and cognitive sophistication when active within a (digitally) connected culture."

Also, in an interview with AdHocFM, Ahnnu gets a bit more specific how he was looking to achieve that "transient" nature in World Music's tracks:

"I've been trying to work with this idea of getting away from drums. That concept was interesting to me and I want to challenge myself with that. I thinkWorld Music is maybe an attempt at that and just the curiosity was a big motivation. Just dissecting my process, my creative process, "˜cause I've been working with Fruity Loops for a long time. The thing is, after you work the same way for so many years you want to trick yourself. I think World Music was kind of the next step creatively."
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