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Alt-J - Something Good

Alt-J - Something Good

Jun 16, 2012

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Why do we like this?

This Cambridge four-piece named after the Mac keyboard command for "delta" not only write clever music and boast more film and literature references than your local library, but they've also set tongues wagging with their rapturously received first album.

Titled An Awesome Wave, this 13-track debut (released back in May), has been enthusiastically received in the U.K. and has made waves across the musicsphere with reviews using terms such as "innovative" and "exemplary."

"Fitzpleasure" (posted earlier by Jason) is one of the more captivating tracks off the album, with insatiable grooves and supreme eccentricity. The layers of reverb and bombastic beats tied together with obscure lingo is something that is so audibly fascinating it mystifies me. It's complex, confusing and altogether brilliantly compiled into one superbly schizophrenic song.

"Something Good" stands out as an equally notable song, featuring a beautiful, optimistic chorus line that makes me double-take.

If you're into weirdly awesome music, it's easy to see why you'd enjoy this track and the album as a whole. Alt-J effortlessly employs oddities while creating a sound that is truly their own. You can stream An Awesome Wave in its entirety here.

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