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Andrew Cosentino - KTV
Jul 26, 2017
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Sounds like: Bonobo, Gold Panda, Shigeto
Why do we like this?

Sometimes a song perfectly grabs ahold of a feeling and allows it to explode inside of you. Perhaps it was always there, lurking, just waiting to be pushed over the edge. It can come from a beat reminiscent of a jungle; rolling qinqin sounds that hark back to travels in the East; or vocal samples that bring to life hopes of further adventure on foreign beaches. 

Andrew Cosentino's track, "KTV," enlivens feelings that are synonymous with travel – anticipation, retrospection, excitement and endurance. Feelings that are always there, just below the surface.

When speaking to the Queen-based artist, he revealed that he played the percussion, synths, guitar and qinqin on "KTV." He further explained that he likes to 'try and make little self contained universes, where the sonic language is consistent, even when the song takes unexpected turns. Almost like you're walking through some kind of non-existent neighborhood.'

"KTV" comes off his album, Islip Speedway, which you can listen to here

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