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Art Department - Vampire Nightclub (Ft. Seth Troxler)
Oct 11, 2010
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Sounds like: Jamie Jones, Tiefschwarz
Why do we like this?

Seth Troxler is just about the hottest DJ and producer on the planet. And I mean that in a few ways; his beats are outrageously mind-blowing, he is taking the club scene by storm with his killer sets, and he's a seriously handsome devil. In addition, I was told his normal body temperature is a whopping 102.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Now that's hot.

On "Vampire Nightclub" Troxler lends his wacky

vocal antics to a thumping house track with a body-liquefying bassline. Seth Troxler goes for the "biggest asshole ever" shtick by periodically punctuating the beat with a ridiculously genius "straight gangster" exclamation. The track features a fantastic melody, as well as Troxler telling everybody exactly how he knows that "this is some vampire nightclub shit right here."  Art Department absolutely kills it on the b-side, "Without You," a creepy, somewhat depressing song perfect for your next early morning underground house party.

Seth's biography on his MySpace is somewhat convoluted, but I've taken it upon myself, dear Indie Shuffle reader, to research the truth behind the myth and legend that is Seth Troxler. According to reliable sources, Seth Troxler was, in fact, a gift to the Detroit techno scene from intergalactic house demigods from the future. Rumors that Seth Troxler is himself an alien are untrue; in the early first century these demigods kidnapped the virile first born child of a Roman centurion and his trophy wife. After years of travelling around the western end of the Milky Way studying linear algebra, Byronic verse, city planning, and the essentials of electronic music composition, the intergalactic house demigods returned him to the North American continent. Troxler is currently in Berlin, where he began his self-imposed exile from the United States after sleeping with then-Senator Barak Obama's wife. Seth will remain in Europe until his 33rd birthday, at which point he will descend upon the Levant and battle his way westward as he reclaims his kingdom. At least, that's what some dude at Burning Man told me.

One last fact: Chuck Norris listens to Seth Troxler to the exclusion of all other music.

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