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B.Visible - 1150
Nov 07, 2017
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33 times
Why do we like this?

Today's word of the day is: Giblet. Not sure why really, to me it's an exciting word because it sounds annoying and is somehow enjoyable to say at the same time. This is very much unlike B's "1150."

It's funny though how music can do that to you; like having the ability to make you think of something seemingly unrelated.

So, we were talking about the word Giblet. Wikipedia lists Giblet as "a culinary term for the edible offal of a fowl," yet Urban dictionary puts it down as a "testicle."

These two definitions are far enough off from one another that you could say they are unrelated. 

Therefore, it seems that the two definitions of giblet and its relation to this song are actually related in that they are unrelated. DO YOU FUCKING FEEL ME, OR WHAT?

NB: This is what B.Visible's music does to my brain. Thanks Peter.

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