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Bells Atlas - Loving You Down

Bells Atlas - Loving You Down

Feb 26, 2013
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Listening to Bells Atlas' debut single "Video Star" for the first time, I was taken aback by it's exclusivity. Soon enough I became captivated by the uniquely graceful layering of music, emotion and lyrics, both as individual elements and in relation to one another. Their second single is no exception to the harmonious standard set by the group.

In "Loving You Down," a heart bangs in alone before falling in rhythm with a percussive earth and connecting us to Mother Nature in her most alluring articulation. The sensations of raw affection, which resist logical description, undulate through the voice of Sandra Lawson-Ndu. She takes on the role of a woman at the end of her life, yet she replays memories of beauty, fear and pain from a past relationship, which certainly transcend age.

Looking back, the woman decides, "Let me repeat this day/let me do it my way/and don't say that I've suffered this life, no," finding some willpower to momentarily mask her vulnerability. However, the sadness remains palpable despite any musical notes trying to convince you otherwise; in the end, "her heartache is telling."

After hearing both "Loving You Down" and "Video Star," it seems Bells Atlas is fortunate enough to have reached an intriguing, admirable connection between the four of them. Other than lead vocalist Lawson-Ndu, the group includes bassist and vocalist Doug Stuart, guitarist and backup vocalist Derek Barber, and drummer and percussion lead Geneva Harrison. You can follow the band on Facebook or SoundCloud, and be the first to hear their surely impressive debut album, expected to drop this coming summer.
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