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Black Pistol Fire - Suffocation Blues
Nov 28, 2018
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The Canadian duo Black Pistol Fire were forged in what could have only been a pit of fiery blues and thunderous drums. Featuring Kevin McKeown on vocals/guitar and Eric Owen on drums, the two intertwine hearty blues riffs with hard hitting percussion. Both live and in the studio, their powerful performances force you to lock tight into their groove and delve deep into their unique brand of electric blues.

The song “Suffocation Blues,” from the eponymous album Black Pistol Fire, kicks off with an ominous sample of the tracks main riff before launching into a beefy ensemble of overdriven guitar and ruthless drums that forms the backbone of the chorus. As the opening verse creeps in, the driving drums contrast with the bright guitar tone mimicking McKeown’s howling voice, leaving the listener compelled to tap along and echo the melody. Towards the end of the track, the haunting minor chords shimmer through the mix emanating an icy sense of futility that eventually gives way to the heavyweight chorus.

If you love electric blues and relish fuzzy riffs that shake your spine out of place, then Black Pistol Fire may be your new best friends. Make sure to check out their 2017 album Dead Beat Graffiti.


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