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Bloods - All The Things You Say Are Wrong
Jun 08, 2012
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Why do we like this?
"All The Things You Say Are Wrong." Right there, with the track title, Bloods have sold it to me. This song is an ode to the brat in all of us. Maybe I have a particular affinity with this song because I'm an irritating know-it-all, but it's probably just because it's catchy and awesome.

For those of you expecting some gangster rap, sorry. We don't really have gangs in Australia (just lots of animals that will kill you instantly). Bloods is actually made up of two ladies, Sweetie and MC, and a gentleman, Dirk, who probably had nothing to do with Biggie's murder and seems much more interested in charmingly refuting your argument.

I wouldn't start playing Bloods to your granny any time soon, though.  When I was researching the band I discovered their single "Goodnight" was produced by Owen Penglis of Straight Arrows, which makes a lot of sense. The few singles Bloods have released so far are raucous, gritty and energetic. Sort of like a 60s surf pop record that someone threw up on, put through a blender, melted back together again and then sprinkled some glitter over. Nice.
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