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Blue Material - Statue In The Dark
Dec 14, 2020
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Whoa. It's been a hot minute since I've left a review on the site. Life's been busy and I've honestly struggled to find new music that I want to listen to over and over again. So much of what I'm hearing sounds kind of the same. It's making me wonder if my eardrums have possibly morphed into their final, adult form.

It's a DNA thing that I'm not going to get into. Much like dinosaur shaped pasta, everyones' ear holes eventually find a last form, and that will define what kind of music you like to listen to. The phenomenon explains musical trends like Dad rock and Hair metal; the patrons of which apparently have eardrum perforations that are much more narrow than the average music listener; this according to one US study.

Anyways, in light of those cold, hard facts, not much music fits into my brain these days, with Blue Material being a consistent exception. "Statue In The Dark" is just the latest of a string of releases of his that I've found totally enjoyable, from the artist.

Thom Gillies is his birth name, and if he's from Montreal. So, if you live there, and there's an illegal underground event going on that he's playing at, risk it. Go watch him live and after he's done, shout his name, Thom, until he hears you. It should be worth it.

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