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Brett - Visions (The Soundmen Remix)

Brett - Visions (The Soundmen Remix)

Feb 27, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Listening to this track, anyone else suddenly reminded of Primitive Radio Gods' "Standing Outside a Broken Tollbooth With Money In My Hand"? If so, your musical encyclopedia is better than mine, and you rule. If not, there's never any harm in a little investigating:

RS: Brett's vocals remind me of something I can't place... like a melody from the 90's...

Scott Durday:  Primitive Radio Gods?

RS:  Hmmm.. maybe... [At this point I take a good listen to PRG and realize Scott's dead on.]

Scott Durday:  ...Because that's what we sampled!!!

Durday, who is one half The Soundmen, went on to say that he'd always wanted to sample aforementioned track and that "Visions" was just right. I couldn't agree more, and props to The Soundmen for reminding me how much I liked "Standing Outside A Broken Tollbooth with a....." eh... you got it.

We blew it up earlier this month, but Visions EP drops today and with it the premiere of this niffty video, which makes me wish I wasn't so squeamish about large bodies of water.

For more updates and info, follow Brett and The Soundmen.
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