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Camilla Sparksss - I'll Teach You to Hunt
Jan 10, 2013
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Hmm. I wasn't really sure what to make of this at first. I mean, I loved it, but the style thoroughly confused me. In a good way. It was like I was slapped in the face, or jumped in a cold pool of water. An immediate reminder of Dan Deacon or Captain Ahab. Or something of that variety. It's crazy, hyper shit.

"I'll Teach You to Hunt" is the first series of 7" singles released by Camilla Sparksss via Swiss label On the Camper. Ms. Sparksss (yes, three S's) is apparently the "fantasy ego" of Babara Lehnoff, a Swiss-Canadian (is that a real thing?) from art punk band Peter Kernel. On her website, it says she loves "rap, drum machines, thermal baths and traveling." Is this real life? Not only is her music good, but she's fucking cool. I think I'm in love...

The track was mastered by Simon Davey, known for his work with popular bands such Daft Punk and Justice -- and it sounds like it, too. Apparently of the cold wave - i.e.  a 70's French variant on post-punk - it's a "declaration of love for pop." A recent article sums up the genre,

"Taking advantage from the double efficiency of the do it yourself method and the provocation established by the activist strategy of experimentation which punk had permitted, the new wave recalled at the same time ... literature (romanticismscience fiction [...]), the cinema (French New WaveGerman Expressionism [...]) and the latest advanced technologies (electronics, robotics, nuclear [...])."

So, basically, some DIY experimental shit that takes a variety of inspiration and influence from the avant-garde. And the music video, which I highly suggest you check out, follows in line. The end, around 2:22 when the drum kicks in, is really epic.

The 7" is avaliable on Bandcamp, and comes with one limited edition polaroid. Also, don't miss Camila's other sweet band, Peter Kernel. By their own description, "something loud and a few words." Digging every moment.
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