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CANT - The Edge
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Sep 12, 2011
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Get ready for Chris Taylor's solo journey CANT -- he's about to drop his debut album, Dreams Come True, on September 13. I always find it interesting to hear the men of Grizzly Bear's solo projects. They're distinctly different, yet you can usually pick out what band member contributes what type of style when they're all working together as Grizzly Bear. For Chris Taylor, that style is a sexually-charged electronic, smooth groove symphony.

This is an album for all seasons. It can warm you up or cool you down, depending on the song and the mood you're in. Dreams Come True is a multi-layered, reverberated, synth-soaked composition that will surely leave you gyrating in one form or another. When I first listened to this album, I noticed a strong R&B influence within the beats and bass. Even the vocals were smooth and seducing enough to classify itself into an R&B style of sorts. I'd call this an "easy listening" album, without a doubt. It's sleek, flowing, and tasteful but there's also a modern touch of skewed effects that puts a clear "Chris Taylor" stamp upon each track.

The album isn't completely synthed out though; there's still electric guitar and piano, though mostly simplified and used more as complimentary instruments. There's even a slight psychedelic and heavy aspect to this album (you can thank the synths for that). It's obvious that Chris Taylor is not afraid to combine genre's and experiment within his own influences and devices.

Dreams Come True is a truly beautiful, multi-faceted album all the while remaining unconfined to any defining genre. I am convinced the men of Grizzly Bear can do no wrong.
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