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Card On Spokes - Stone Clouds
Sep 23, 2016
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119 times
Why do we like this?

It's almost assured that you come out a different person than who you were when you started listening to this song. "Stone Clouds" is a journey, man. I've been playing this song to people and carefully watching the effects it has on them over a certain period of time -- the results can be quite shocking.

I found that "Stone Clouds" is a real catalyst for inner-change. My research on behalf of the Indie Shuffle Institute of Technologic came back with some astounding results. 

This song not only made me cry, but it also brought my dead goldfish back to life. My test subjects had varied responses, one of them died, but at least ten of them are still about, foraging, somewhere. You see most of them truly believe they were some type of gazelle, or buck, after completing the song.

The results come as a bit of a shock and no one has any idea why it happens, luckily, Jason, Indie Shuffle's founder, has been able to locate and tranquilize the hemoglobins put out when "Stone Clouds" is streamed online through other websites. So, basically, you're safe listening to this song, as long as it's through Indie Shuffle.

I think they've also proofed them through suggested retailers: Spotify / Apple Music / iTunes


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