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Cee Lo Green - Old Fashioned
Nov 09, 2010
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Why do we like this?
Fucking love. Fuck love. And if you don't agree with those statements, then you really have never been in real love. Cee Lo Green has been in love, and I think this cat's equally as pissed.

Before getting my grubby paws on this album in its entirety, I heard "Fuck You." Insta-love, no wonder this single became a summer anthem. It's such a happy way of telling the party responsible for your crushed heart where they should go. It's pretty easy to listen to this single, get super happy and dedicate it to someone.

So here we go, I get the album and start the spinning. Yikes! Blah "The Lady Killer Theme (Intro)" lends us into "Bright Lights Bigger City," which literally sounds like a track made for the Backstreet Boys in the mid-90s as the hit song of a super hero movie. Immediately, I was like, "Ugh, fuck my life right now... do not want to review this album!" This bitterness quickly subsided with the next track, "Fuck You," which we've already discussed my affinity for.

Unfortunately, with "Wildflower," the hate came spewing back. The track is too whiny, and the choice in background echoing made it seem like a cheesy filler song.

Finally, when I hit "Bodies" I was losing all faith, but thank the Lord, it was a good one. Mmmmmmm. What a yummy track, defiantly had to re-listen to it with a nice silhouette in my bed. Here is the Cee Lo I know and love, here is the Cee Lo that took forever to get this album released.

Phew, from that point on it started to get fun, and I started to get my bounce on again. "Love Gun" has a good little funk and vocals from Lauren Bennett that definitely added, not subtracted.

Cee Lo started to channel Al Green with "Satisfied," "I Want You," "Crybaby," and "Fool For You," all the way through to "It's OK." I love Al Green, but Cee Lo is similar in kind of a borderline lame way. Again, it makes me want to cry out, "Cee Lo! Quit this filler song shit!"

The one that I do think he did really well on comes at the end with "Old Fashioned." Although, I didn't appreciate the four song build-up to get to this track, I think he kept it simple and just sang his heart out to really shine through.

Then all of sudden a bomb exploded and the entire album was mad worthwhile. Yep, the song "No One's Gonna Love You" is pure beauty, and somehow he got a video to perfectly compliment it. This is the defining track of a person who's had love and lost love. It's a song that you don't listen to, you feel it in your chest and your head goes a little insane and flashes more than you can handle through your mind.

Yes, Cee Lo you done good at the very end.

Cee Lo Green - Fuck You
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