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Century Palm - King Of John Street
Feb 21, 2017
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Sounds like: New Order, Fake Palms
Why do we like this?

When describing Century Palm’s forthcoming LP Meet You, vocalist/guitarist Andrew Payne said that the record was about “the subtle tones of despair that arise just from existing.”

In the case of the single “King Of John Street,” that despair revolves around bassist Paul Lawton’s initial struggles with living in Toronto after he made the move from Alberta.

"I have to question whose idea it was to paint this whole town grey / Haven't seen the sun in months / Haven't seen that side of me in years, forgive me," goes the first verse, addressing the draining effects of the city's dreary winters.

But as much as "King Of John Street" is about feeling alienated, it's also about, as Lawton explains, coming to terms with the anonymity that comes with living in a metropolis. And the track's final moments is where we find resuscitation: riffs punctuate, whistling synths turn to sirens that could lift spirits, and the droning baritone vocals finds its vigor as it declares, "I woke up today and wished that I could try / I wished that I could try / I wished that I could have more fun."

Even if it doesn't sound much like a resolution, it at least feels like a wake-up call and it's a hell of a catchy one.


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