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Chairman Kato - Streets of Rage

Chairman Kato - Streets of Rage

Feb 17, 2011
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As a reported semi-recluse, Chairman Kato has successfully transferred a life of solace and self-reflecting into a five track EP, Wildfire. Apparently, Kato skulks about in the daytime, only to utilize the night for diligent music making.

Pictures Music, which also houses Seams and Dark Sky, picked up Chairman Kato last year. I can't say for sure since I wasn't there, but I imagine there was a whole lot of fist pumping when they heard Chairman Kato's gritty electro bliss. Kato is pretty indicative of the atmosphere he's in, living and producing in London; this electronic sound laced with pulsating synths and wispy vocals is not at all unheard of (quickly thinking of Gold Panda, Dam Mantle, Four Tet, and others out of the UK).

The release starts out with "Fighting Fires," an aggressively apathetic pathway into the depths of Wildfire. The sound is grimy, callous, and raw. My personal go-to is "Streets of Rage," although the end cap "Thudd" has been getting a lot of press.

Basically, you likely won't be blasting this at your uber-corporate office, or with your friends who complain when you put on something considered palatable to the masses. Chairman Kato is seriously intense and fervently deep -- not for the faint of heart. This is the sort of music you listen to late at night while defending your half of an insoluble dichotomy, which is perfect because that's how Kato conceived it.

Wildfire is quintessentially the most apt name for Kato's EP. As you listen through, it's not hard to imagine you are in the midst of one. You are instantly mesmerized by it's zealous destruction, yet can't turn away. Go grab your copy today, and please, try not to burn anything down.
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