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Chateau Marmont - Diane
Mar 13, 2011
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Why do we like this?
Hearing this band was like hearing Daft Punk for the first time - it goes from good to better, then too much, burn out, then it sets in... the can't-stop-from-coming-back-over-and-over, realizing that what the world needs is MORE DAFT PUNK (erm, Chateau Marmont).

Known for remixing artists from La Roux to Röyksopp and featuring spoken-English via vocoder, this band plays laid-back as well as wall-shaking dance hits (not unlike their genre-building French countrymen). Trippy effects filter through structured, stripped-bare beats, easily taking off with one right-turn-for-serious hook. Dance.

"Sometimes any other place will do... sometimes crazy dreams come true." Imagine seeing Daft Punk's American debut. Dance.

Also: mixtape art should reside close to the heart. Rich and delicately brutal, their February 2011 release C-M-X-Tape mixtape cover art turns my cynicism of animal masks into a literal about-face of the epidemic and, to me, makes it pretty again. 2008-2009-2010's actual album art is dynamic, seriously psychedelic, and on its own path towards the future.  Dance hard.

From an interview: "Basically, we're playing music from the future like it was imagined 20 years ago. In the first place! Of course, now it has evolved as well." Yessss.
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