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Chicano Batman - Soniatl
Apr 04, 2013
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In most of North America, it's officially spring. The frost has thawed, flowers are blooming, and all kinds of romantic crap. It's been right around this time that I finally got a chance to crack open this Chicano Batman 10" record I bought a few months back. Man, am I glad I did.

This hybrid rock outfit of young Angelinos create a particularly stony kind of Latin rock. It's music infused with psychedelia and soul, that draws heavily on their Spanish-speaking roots but ultimately is a very American product, an amalgam. It also just sounds so good, like something you didn't know you loved. It's very appropriate to the season as well, the warm and fuzzy guitars and robust bass lines go very much with growth of spring and the hope of summer. If you're in the beginnings of a spring thing, this could also very well be the soundtrack for that, too.

The song I chose today is not from Joven Navegante, the 10" I bought at The Echoplex last November. It's from their self-titled debut. I dig their stuff so much I thought I'd space it out; you'll definitely be hearing and seeing more of them on here as spring turns to summer. Enjoy.
Chicano Batman - Amor Verde
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