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Christa Vi - Loveblind (Fybe:One Remix)
May 31, 2016
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Sounds like: Jamie xx, Nicolas Jaar
Why do we like this?

The year is only halfway through, and I'm already thinking of listacle ideas for artists to look out for. Appropriately so, Fybe:One would be at the tippy-top of that list, as his avant-garde techniques with sound design and his attention to the slightest detail set him apart from your every day electronic producer.

When chatting with him about what inspires him, it became obvious that the man behind the project isn't an average joe who downloaded a copy of Fruity Loops and watched some YouTube tutorials. He's an artist that is going to push boundaries, and with time, become a household name for music lovers all over.

Fybe:One's newest offering— a remix for up-and-coming vocalist Christa Vi —is an appealingly-experimental twist on what was originally a pop record. The record was flawlessly reshaped into something that would be fitting for a club, or even your morning meditation, ultimately providing a listen that attracts you to replay it as soon as it's finished.

Check out more from Fybe:One via SoundCloud.

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