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Cloud Nothings - Wasted Days
Feb 28, 2012
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Cloud Nothing's latest LP,  Attack on Memory, marks a significant departure from standard operating procedure for what has -- up until now -- been largely a one-man show. This time around, front man Dylan Baldi entered the studio with an actual band in tow, and nowhere are the benefits of this approach more apparent than on the second track, "Wasted Days."

"Wasted Days" and the album it occupies make for the best possible alt-rock nostalgia trip, while simultaneously offering a distinct take on the well-worn genre. You can be sure that punk purists like Kurt Cobain never would have been caught dead on tracks that clocked in at nearly nine minutes. But divorced from the self-imposed limitations of a "scene," the extreme dynamics characteristic of alternative rock lend themselves well to jamming. And jam Cloud Nothings does, showing off the considerable skill and chemistry of what is now a full-fledged band.

"Wasted Days" starts out as a typical alt-rock anthem. Following a couple of verses and choruses, the band locks into a punky groove and unabashedly grinds on for six visceral minutes, pounding out the song's basic yet satisfying melody before disintegrating into primal frenzy anchored by a single-note bass line. The lyrics consist of textbook post-adolescent angst and cynicism, but are delivered with a raw sincerity that more than compensates for their generic quality.

"Wasted Days" is more or less representative of the sound and aesthetic of Attack on Memory as a whole. Songs and albums like this show that the indie scene has far more to offer than ironic detachment. Cloud Nothings may be channeling a different decade, but their music could not sound more immediate.
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