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Colour Coding - Kick

Colour Coding - Kick

Mar 29, 2012

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Cousins Chris Holland and Tim Commandeur have been collaborating since an early age, and are both members of the hugely successful Operator Please (currently on hiatus). In the meantime, they've launched a new project - Colour Coding. Having released their first single "Perfect" at the end of last year, they've just put the finishing touches on their debut EP Proof.

After using most of last year to write and demo, they spent September self-producing and recording. The EP was then mixed by DnR Music who have worked with the likes of Madonna, Oasis and Ladyhawke. Colour Coding make deliriously catchy pop music, and do so very well. Dynamic percussion and lingering vocals are key to their sound, along with ever-present keys. I find the walls of synth somewhat overbearing in a lot of current pop music, but Colour Coding have managed to create a balance.

Since the release of "Perfect" (which was recently remixed by Baby Diego), their second single "Kick" was shared. Crisp and well-finished, the track really opens up during the vigorous choruses. "Hold Tight" is perhaps the favourite, with a shimmering sound reminiscent of fellow Australians YesYou.

Aside from the EP release, Colour Coding have just launched their live show in March, as well as the video for "Perfect". There's a certain likeability about these guys which sets them apart from the norm. Give them a try.
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