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Conan Gray - Generation Why

Conan Gray - Generation Why

Oct 06, 2018
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You might know Conan Gray as ConanXCanon, the young and hip Texas-based YouTube vlogger who regularly uploads videos talking about life, applying to college, and his monthly favorites. At only 19, the lowkey YouTube celeb is now on his way to take the music world by storm with a deal with Republic and a highly anticipated EP on the way.

With 30-odd videos of himself playing original tunes and covering his favorite songs in his bedroom, Gray is no stranger to the introspective and gentle “bedroom pop” genre. “Generation Why” is the most recent single off of Gray’s upcoming Sunset Season EP, and it’s nothing short of an anthem for the most hated generation.

From the first "why," this tune is almost a meditative mantra for the painfully sentient Generation Y. It’s fitting to set this laundry list of misguided baby-boomer complaints to the bright and hazy synth beat, almost juxtaposing the immense pressure and expectations older generations have for us, and how little the younger generation seems to be fazed by it all.

The sarcasm in Gray’s words almost makes me feel a little sad, because this is the reality that a lot of the most hard-working young people in our generation face. This dreamy, carefree bop is a reminder that millennials are probably among the most self-aware of generations; we know everyone hates us, but honestly we’re unbothered by it all. Or maybe we are, and just pretending we don’t care. But I mean, either way, is there anyone that hates millennials more than millennials?

Sunset Season is slated to be out later this year. Until then, watch the music video for “Generation Why” on repeat and remember, we know how much it sucks to be a millennial too.

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