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Dabeull x Jordan Lee - Last Night
May 30, 2021
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Why do we like this?

“Last Night” brings all the best parts of sensual late ‘70s/ early ‘80’s bedroom groove and combines them with contemporary R&B and progressive electronica. Sound confusing? It’s not. It’s a work of art.

This track is bold and intimate, and the perfect addition to a night in with that special someone (yeah, you know what I mean, don’t be coy) You only need to look at the cover art to get the picture. For example, here are some lyrics:

Coming from afar in the club

You started noticing me

Last night

I turned you around, around, around

Baby (baby)

But girl I won't waste time

And these drinks don't get me high

You get me drunk in no time

(You get me drunk in no time, baby)

See what I mean?

Trust me though, the sparse lyricism is more than made up for by the smooth synthy goodness, seductive bass-line, and oh-so-sultry vocals. This is a track for passionate, voluptuous, shag-rug-by-the-roaring-fire-while-the-rain-pours-outside, epicurean, hedonistic pleasure - but like, in the most loving and consensual way. Add this to your playlist. Yes, that playlist. You know the one I mean. ;)

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