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Dad Rocks! - Take Care

Dad Rocks! - Take Care

Jun 17, 2012
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With Father's Day fast approaching, I thought I would pay homage to some dad rock.  And who better then a singer/song-writer who calls himself Dad Rocks! probably hoping that his daughter will think that he is cool.

Dad Rocks! is the project of Danish multi-instrumentalist Snaever Njall Albertsson, and Mount Modern is his first full length release.  Filled with loads of different symphonic elements, and hilarious self-loathing lyrics, Mount Modern keeps the listener on their toes throughout the album.  Whether it's singing about Twitter on "Battle Hymn Of The Fox," or about Disney skewing little girl's thoughts on "Pro-Disney," you will constantly be asking, "Did he just day that?"  Yes, he did.

Musically, Albertsson borrows from the best of some lo-fi country, with simple picked acoustic guitar and his baritone voice, but is not afraid of composing by adding various layers of tastefully placed horns, pianos, and even some electronic elements.

One of the best examples of this marriage between musical styles is the track "Take Care."  Beginning with a simply plucked folky guitar riff, and Albertsson singing about the cost of human progress.  The song slowly builds as elements are added like some strings, a horn section, and an electronic backbeat.  Finally some vocal processing is added in, and the song is cut back again leaving us with Albertssons vocals and guitar.

Is it folk?  Is it indie?  Is it folktronica? Is it dad rock?  I'm not really sure, but it's definitely worth checking out this weekend while you're celebrating your dear old dad, or celebrating that you are a dad.

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