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Dangerous Cans - Feel Something

Dangerous Cans - Feel Something

Dec 20, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Integrity can't be read like a cover, rather, it's a keen sense that something good lies beneath it. Integrity hooks us somewhere on a subconscious level, beckoning us from between the lines -- it's the difference between a lasting impression and a fluke.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Dangerous Cans may not have snagged me at first. I thought his tracks interesting, not captivating, yet I marked his submission as 'unread,' and over the past 2 weeks I periodically re-visted his SoundCloud page to listen, each time finding a new sense of something special.

There's heart and soul squeezing out between all those fuzzed-out layers on "Feel Something," and it's speaking to feelings I can't quite put a finger on. More so a gritty ballad than a pop track, I urge you to listen until the end. If the piano break doesn't take you over like slow moving honey and make you feel something (pun intended), I would wonder where your sensitivities had gone.

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