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daste. - butterfly (so free)
Dec 17, 2022
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91 times
Sounds like: Jungle, BAYNK, Tora
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Flutter Flutter

Butterflies flutter in my heart as this track sits on my nose and shows its wings.

"Butterfly (so free)" by daste. is a flowerbed filled with a menagerie of delights — pop-pink beetles and kaleidoscopic wings. The track is brimming with character

It's the track I'd bop to at the park fountain, just letting the leaves wash over me as the wind blows. The dogs bark and a group of socialites pop a bottle of champagne. The track is a social rosebush leaving an aroma of class and joy. It goes right for your senses and delivers a hit of pure euphoria.

"butterfly (so free)" is what growing wings would feel like for the first time: joyful.

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