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Deerhunter - Helicopter
Oct 04, 2010
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As I'm sitting in the car on my way to NYC for a weekend trip, I'm taking in the mountainess visuals around me, namely, the leaves succumbing to fall and transforming into beautiful hues. It's at this moment that I realize that Deerhunter's new album, Halcyon Digest, is the perfect example of what a fall album should be. Fresh, tranquil, mildly upbeat and comfortably satisfying.

The first track, "Earthquake," is engaging and powerful, an anticipatory way to get your mind wondering (or wandering?) about what's in store next. As the album treks on, the guitars are sometimes melodically grunge-ful and sometimes gently delicate, the lyrics are unforgettably sincere, and the vocals could soothe a crying baby.

This band's chemistry is nothing to be messed with or denied.

The album goes through waves of highs ("Memory Boy"), lows ("Sailing"), and happy mediums ("Desire Lines"), but in the end it all leaves me deeply satisfied in more ways than one. Deerhunter doesn't seem to get overly complex with the construction and execution of their songs, but that's the very beauty within their intricate simplicity. Certainly, it's a gift.

This album may have to grow on you, but trust me, set some time aside, get comfortable and dedicate 45 minutes to just let it saturate, marinate, and elevate! Whatever you do, just don't sleep on giving this album a shot; they'll be touring this month... get on it!
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