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DM Stith - Braid of Voices
Aug 17, 2014
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Why do we like this?

Sometimes I ask myself these questions: Who will rescue us from all these spazzy, bubblegum electo pop tracks and endless sample-filled remixes? Who will save us from the endless fist-pumping monotony of EDM? Save us, oh Lord, save us! Save us by sending us new material from DM Stith, who is the closest thing I can think of to the Antichrist to most of today's indie pop. 

I heard from a little birdie (that birdie being the man himself) that he actually has THREE FULL ALBUMS of unreleased material just waiting for, I don't know, something like a full-scale non-violent protest in the streets demanding their release.

So listen to this 2009 track and be reminded that music can be heavy and brilliant and chaotic and loving at the same time, and command you to think rather than dance. Then tweet the man @dmstith and demand more songs to be released!

(And maybe bug Sufjan, while you're at it.)


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