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Dreams - OooO
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Sep 01, 2013
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Here's some chill ambient experimentalism that fizzes like vintage champagne. It's off the 2012 whopping and whapping compilation album Atlantics: Vol 2 from Brooklyn crew Astro Nautico. The cut-up sample is addicting, worthy of multiple, repeat listens -- best experienced with expensive headphones, but anything'll do.

Called out as the "soundtrack to the 2012 summer," Atlantics: Vol 2 features everything from beats to bass-heavy dance tracks, as well as more experimental pieces like this one. Personally am partial to this track, but also really enjoyed Chit's "I Know You." I was reminded of the song after listening to Atlantics Vol. 3, released appropriately back on April 20 of this year -- a bit old in terms of web music lifespan, but definitely not stale.

Astro Nautico defines itself as a communal space for "cross-all-borders creative interaction." They're a treasury of young talent, constantly putting out tunes in the form of Astrocasts on their website. All releases before fall 2013 available free on their SoundCloud.

Dreams, the artist behind this track, hasn't released since last year, though his last album is available for free download here.
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