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Ed Wall - Nothing Hill
Jun 12, 2011
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Ed Wall is a modern day gypsy, and I'm not talking in the pejorative French way but rather the good, bohemian way. Talk about non-normative lifestyles -- the guy is currently in Colombia after finishing his lovely EP Pages of Day and Night. But while you may not be able to go to Colombia and hang out with him, you must take a moment to appreciate his music and connect with the escapism that he knows we all feel deep down inside.

The EP is a 5-song concept job inspired by a short story by Herman Hesse (called "Klein und Wagner") that deals with escapism and growing up. The songs somehow maintain a level of melancholy while ranging from upbeat to gloomy in sound. Take, for example, the lyrics on "Nothing Hill," inspired by his hometown Notting Hill. You can't help but connect with how hard-hitting the feelings are while still enjoying the catchy-ness of his guitar/voice combo. It's kind of like John Lennon's "Nowhere Man" -- if you just tuned out the words you'd think it sounded all good and dandy but the second you digest the lyrics you recognize the underlying sadness of someone sharing highly personal feelings.

The EP will drop on June 20. Until then, you can listen to Ed's music on MySpace and follow the artist's travels on his website.
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