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Eliza Shaddad - Fine and Peachy
Jul 19, 2021
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Why do we like this?

“Fine and Peachy” is like the lovechild of Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morissette; a definitive, blunt but playful nod to the plain-speaking pushback of the female greats of the ’90s.

Eliza Shaddad sticks her middle finger up to the liars, cheats, and gaslighters of the world with a mesmerizing voice and sardonic lyrics. The Scottish-Sudanese songstress nakedly confesses her truth, commanding space completely and unapologetically. The lead single of her latest album, The Woman You Want, is refreshing and righteous with opening lyrics that sucker-punch straight to the point:

“F*ck you, just tell me what you want me to say
Instead of screwing with my head for days”

It’s ‘90’s-era indie rock with gnarly roots, emotive femine power, and exquisite vocals. Shaddad says in a press statement:

“It's a groovy, loose, rebellious, sick-of-this-sh*t kind of song which delights in some of the country influences I’ve been enjoying over the last few months. It’s super fun to sing, jump and get all your frustrations out to. I had so much fun too, making the music video for this at home with the wonderful Jodie Canwell who’s collaborated with me on all the beautiful visuals for this album.”

It’s scathing and blunt, with a bluesy swing that’ll have you feeling so full of female empowerment and assertiveness, you’ll be calling up that person who’s been stringing you along and demanding an answer in no time flat. A powerful song by a powerful woman.

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