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emawk - Highroad
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Feb 06, 2021
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Coming to you from the streets of New York, Boston-born and Kenyan-raised emawk (otherwise known as Kwame Nkrumah) has delivered a single that is equal parts comforting and vibey, with lyrics that reflect a heartfelt simplicity relatable to anyone who’s ever chosen to take the proverbial high road:

“I've got a lot of bitterness in my soul

I've got a lot of cobwebs to clean up

I've got a lot of old fears that I've gotta unlearn and I'm unlearning

Yeah, 'cause they won't help me get to where I wanna go

(They won't help me, they won't help me get to where I wanna go)

Oh, I let go and now I'm

(Up and on to better things, yeah)”

emawk's first track for 2021, “Highroad” should provide us all with a blueprint as to how to carry ourselves through this new year. With the chaos of 2020 drifting ever further into the wake of the past, perhaps we can find a more solid, stable shore in 2021 by adopting the message encompassed in the soulful, low-key beats of emawk’s latest offering. He ain’t got the time to throw stones, and neither should we.

Uplifting, light, and honest; with a beat you just can’t prevent yourself from bobbing your head and shoulders along to and layered with melodic vocals underscored by a catchy refrain, “Highroad” should remind us all of what’s really important: being better today than we were yesterday.

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