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Fern Murphy - The Pleasure of Slowness
Jun 24, 2024
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Why do we like this?

I will be covering two songs this week that speak about moving slowly. When diving a little deeper into the lyrics of each, I noticed a pattern. I've observed this pattern outside of these songs as well. When life gets tough, humans tend to hold on to a string of words that reminds them what to do to cope. For many, that tends to be 'slow down.'

Fern Murphy's "The Pleasure of Slowness" gently nudges listeners to embrace mindfulness in their everyday lives. With the concept of time all around us, we're often faced with the predicament of perception: too much or too little time. If we slow all the way down, beyond concepts of past and future, we land right in the present. It is at this small junction that problems fade and truth shines softly, unobstructed.

May "The Pleasure of Slowness" aid in your slow down and your return to the present.

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