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Ganglians - That's What I Want
Aug 21, 2011
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Why do we like this?

Finally, after two years since the release of Monster Head Room back in 09, Ganglians has returned with a double LP cleverly titled Still Living.

Let's start out with the painfully obvious: this album sounds like The Beach Boys and Animal Collective's baby.

It's a burrito straight from the Bay Area of beachy, folky, and psychedelic all wrapped up in a lo-fi tortilla. And it's fucking delicious.

Songs like "Jungle" and "That's What I Want" could actually let you pretend that you're back in the 60's while "Sleep" shows you that they've moved on to making more indie rock-inspired tracks. The album on the whole illustrates the range of new genres that bands like this embody; they definitely sound like freak folk, noise pop, and hazy beach. I think Last.fm put it pretty well when it described genres like this as "campfire and a tent and a flashlight and some matches".

The four-piece outdoorsy, beardy, hipstery (whatever the fuck all other reviewers try to define them as) band from Sacramento have definitely switched up their music after two years on the road, and it's good fun to listen to. With Still Living, they've expanded into a more dynamic musical territory without losing any of their charming California beachyness.

Still Living drops August 23 here in the States. Since Ganglians is too busy being awesome to have their own website, you'll have to find out more about them on Myspace and Facebook.

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