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Gengahr - Heavenly Maybe
Jun 11, 2020
Total plays:
224 times
Sounds like: Mk.gee, Easy Life
Why do we like this?

I'm trying to judge whether it's offensive to say that I've listened to "Heavenly Maybe" so many times that it's become painful to listen to. On the one hand, I'm saying their song is painful to listen to, but that's prefaced by me having listened to it so many times, so...

Anyways, the band are from London. The sound is infectious, and you'd think during a global pandemic they that might want to tone it down a little bit, but you'd be wrong if you thought that.

The song was actually released on their Sanctuary album in January, before COVID-19 was a known thing. In fact, this song may have actually caused Corona!

If only there were a science based on coincidence (we could call it coinscience). If only.

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