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George Maple - Fixed (Maribou State Remix)
Mar 27, 2013
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Why do we like this?

What tracks have Maribou State touched that haven't come out twenty times more delightful? None. The answer is none. If you aren't already fixed on Maribou State, one listen to their remix of George Maple's "Fixed" will snag you for sure.

In a previous post, I described their music as "silky house thumpers." Fellow writer Anu described them as "gorgeous" and Indie's own Jason Grishkoff has said, "they've knocked it out of the park for song, after song, after song" -- I think we can safely tag another "song" on to that one, Jason. See, I didn't want to accidentally repeat myself, because Maribou is still all those things! So I've just straight up shamelessly quoted us to emphasize how much we love them here at Indie Shuffle.

It was Maribou State that prompted me to use the world "yearning," and sure I've never used that word ever, in reference to anything else, so that's got to say something!

If you're listening at all to this London duo you will yearn for their next release. Trust me, you will, and if you're listening right now to "Fixed" and "yearn" doesn't suddenly creep into your vocabulary, well, then you're not really listening.

Open you heart to this stellar remix and lookout for George Maple's album, which comes out April 15, 2013.


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