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Giraffage - Be With You
Oct 20, 2014
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I'd imagine it's a rarity that a popular artist completely rebrands their sound, is successful with it, and has one of the most anticipated tours around. 

I was fortunate enough to attend the last stop of Porter Robinson's "Worlds" tour this Saturday in Miami, and it was the full package experience. Living in Miami, I'm used to going out to clubs and really only experiencing DJ sets. Porter's tour consisted of him and two other acts who performed live, along with some of the most impressive production value I've seen from a show.

After weeks of seeing my friends across the nation go to his tour and talking about the show production, I had to see it for myself. After finally checking it out, my expectations were completely fulfilled. I was blown away by how much work went into coordinating the lights and visuals. Everything from the LED wall, the lights, fog, and effects were coordinated with precision to every note.

From the second opening group Lemaitre stepped on stage to the end of the night, there was a sea of cellphone screens and cameras. You could feel the good energy radiating off the stage throughout their set. Their drummer was extremely in tune with every move from Ketil and Ulrik.

All of a sudden, during the last verse of Lemaitre's final song, I see a large road case roll out to stage right. The group turns, laughing in shock to see the production manager wearing a wetsuit, snorkel, mask, and flippers. He must have seen their music video for "Wait," where there was a character named Fred who made a brief cameo in a wetsuit. 

Lemaitre's set ended, and there was a quick break between sets to load off their gear. After about five minutes I realized Giraffage should be coming out soon, and all of a sudden I see the drummer from Lemaitre introduce himself as Giraffage, and the music starts. Some of the crowd seemed confused for a moment, until the real Giraffage runs out, introduces himself, and immediately starts crushing the Fillmore Theatre.

With the new direction of Porter Robinson's music, Giraffage was the perfect artist to support him on tour. This San Francisco producer won the crowd over with his stage presence and performance. And having him as tour support is a huge step towards educating a different crowd to this style of music. 

I chose this track because it was easily the highlight of the night for me. I've probably listening to this song a few hundred times over the summer, so it was incredible to hear it on a big theatre's sound system.

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