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Girlhouse - Boundary Issues
Oct 01, 2021
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Sounds like: Boyish, PomPom Squad, Claud
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Drain The Pool and Get The Skates

A youthful analysis on teenage life, ADHD expressionism, and all the ignored stress you can ask for.

Being "nice" is problematic sometimes, being a good person leads to a lot of misunderstandings, a lot of feelings, and a lot of hurts. "Boundary Issues" is an evolving track all about the immense stress of friendship, and the problems of being way too nice. A calm almost beautiful moment of indie friendship gets shattered by the sudden alt-rock revelation that I'm only nice to you cause I want friends, and unfortunately, you want folk indie love when all I can give you is alt-rock friendship.

Instead of kissing, why don't we go skate?

Boyish - I Think I Hate It Here
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Hovvdy - Town
Sounds like: Girlhouse, Barrie, Claud
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spill tab - Indecisive (Ft. Tommy Genesis)
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Sipper - Dance In Room Song
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